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Will you get the worm?

You know what they say – “Early bird gets the worm“.

Well, now is your chance to get it (templates, not worms).

In 2020 The Landing Factory wants to build more templates for more page builders, and we can do it only with your help. A group is always stronger then one individual, and in this case, a group can get a huge ROI too.

There are so many options to choose from, and with your help and your votes we decided to go with Divi Builder and Beaver Builder!

With your help we managed to decide which ones will go first – the winners are Divi and Beaver Builder!

Secure the lowest, pre-launch, price ever!

Our plan is to open up the marketplaces for Divi and Beaver Builder publicly sometime around Black Friday 2020.

At that time there will be dozens of templates made and available instantly and because of that the current price will go up.

In other words, now is your time to grab the best deal ever and secure the lowest price you’ll ever get (especially for the lifetime access).

Although we are currently working on developing all the templates, our template library will grow more and more each month.

For all of you who get our pre-launch deal, you’ll be given new templates directly as we build them. And afterwards, after the public launch, you’ll be able to download them from our website directly.

Don’t wait too long though, the timer is ticking and our next price increase is coming soon!

Agency license included!

All of you who get Divi and/or Beaver Builder membership from us in this pre-launch period will get an Agency license which means you’ll be able to use our templates to build websites for your clients and make some $$$.

This is the lowest priced ever agency license sold on TLF, make sure to grab this opportunity while you can.

*tl;dr YES, you can use these templates to build a website for your clients!

get access to divi and beaver builder templates below

Before price increases!

87/100 Plans available

Get early access to our new Divi marketplace with this pre-launch offer. New templates will be available every few weeks and sent to you directly. Current prices are valid until the counter comes to zero after which the price will increase.

95/100 Plans available

Get early access to our new Beaver Builder marketplace with this pre-launch offer. New templates will be available every few weeks and sent to you directly. Current prices are valid until the counter comes to zero after which the price will increase.

* Clicking on the buttons above will take you to the registration page where you will make your account and pay via PayPal.

Templates for 5 page new builders!

18/30 Plans available

Besides Divi and Beaver Builder, we plan to launch Brizy, Oxygen and OptimizePress templates in 2021/2022. This VIP option will give you access to those builders as well, as soon as we launch them.
Special one-time offer!

Important note

We have already started building templates for Divi and Beaver Builder.

For all current and future buyers in this pre-launch period, you’ll be able to send us a list of templates or template packs you’d like us to make first.

Our idea is to build as much templates as we can in the beginning until we reach 100-150 templates. After that we’ll continue with 15 templates per month as usual.

Your support means a world to us and will help us work more and deliver more templates. Every new members matters, and we thank you for supporting us.

Still having some questions?

Oh, you must be new to TLF 🙂 Welcome.

We make and sell pre-made templates for page builders such as Elementor, Thrive Architect and ClickFunnels.

You can see our work here: https://elementor.thelandingfactory.com/

The best looking templates from Elementor templates above will be rebuilt for your new favorite page builder too!

That’s why it’s important you vote above and subscribe to one of our free trials.

For any more questions you can contact us via Help icon in the bottom right corner.

We have already started!

Our designers are working hard on designing the first templates for Divi and Beaver Builder and all customers will get access as we make them.

As one of the first buyers and early supporters you’ll have a say in this, you will let us know which templates should we build first.

To speed up the process we’ll first start making the same templates we have built on Elementor and Thrive Architect, just with a new page builder.

Sure, but please try to avoid that. 

You can already see all our current templates online so you can find right now what kind of templates will be built for you favorite page builder, and based on that decide do you want them for your favorite page builder and if so, sign up on this page.

Of course you will. We’ll send you a special registration code where you’ll be able to create an account and download new templates as we add them, just like you do on all other TLF sites.

At the moment sadly no. But we are working on it. In 2020 we hope we’ll manage to enable credit card payments as well, on all TLF websites.

Making templates with eCommerce pages is one of our goals for 2020 as well.

If the page builder supports WooCommerce we’ll make templates for it.

When? Not sure yet, but soon enough.

As with all our other templates we offer full support if you need any help or you get stuck, templates not working or not showing properly, we’ll do our best to fix the problem for you or help you fix it.

You can install / use templates for unlimited number of your own websites and websites you make for your clients.

If you don’t renew your membership all your websites, and client’s websites too, will continue to work normally.

However, if you want to use our templates on new websites or get support from us you will need to renew your membership. 

If you have more questions just click on the orange Help button in the bottom right corner of this page and ask away. We’ll reply to you within 24h, but usually a lot quicker.

Yes it is actually.

You’ll get a proper invoice when your PayPal account gets charged.

If you are a legal entity and you have a company please make the purchase by entering your company info on the registration page. 

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