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This is an Elementor Pro template created exclusively for digital marketing webinars. The approach to this template design-wise had to be something fresh and slightly less conventional, it needed to be different enough to seize the visitors’ attention but again not too extravagant to alienate potential customers.

The template starts with and introduction to the webinar calling onto the visitors to take part in a webinar geared towards new advances in digital marketing. The stripe just below the first block is a convenient way to provide information about who, when and what this webinar is about.

The following block is a great way to visually present the modules that are going to be covered in the webinar. The placeholder text currently presents three separate modules by providing a title and a short description of what is going to be covered in each module.

The next block is reserved for you. This is the place where you should introduce yourself, tell your story and how you got into business. Mention what you are good at and what your goals and dreams are. People love success stories so be sure to give them one. This is a great opportunity to build rapport with your audience. Don’t forget to mention who your biggest clients were so far.

The following section is dedicated to a space where you can mention what else they are going to learn that is not necessarily strictly connected to the topic of the webinar but is nonetheless part of the niche.

The ubiquitous testimonials section is a must-have nowadays and no self-respecting   business site can exist without one. It helps generating trust and is one of your most important tools for building credibility. Make sure to put more realistic feedback from your customers, not only those that are there to sing praises about your work.

The template ends with another call to action, a final attempt at conversion.

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