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This template was designed specifically for a professional web designer and/or digital marketer. Built with Elementor Pro, a well-known WordPress plugin the template has been optimized with responsiveness in mind across all devices. The modern design and creative style is just a bonus to attract and retain your visitors. All of these factors are especially important when it comes to user experience. The template opens directly with a call to action preceded by a number of your services and skillsets. This is a great way to advertise directly what you can offer in a quick and simple way. The call to action button is positioned just below for those visitors who do not need ample time to consider their decision and want to start working with you immediately. You should include a professionally take photo of yourself so that people see who they will be working with. It is important for building trust and rapport with your audience. We placed a space just under for a quick testimonial. If possible, include a feedback from a well-known business. This will help with your credentials. The next several sections are basically your services and testimonials placed interchangeably just as a way to break up the space and make it more dynamic. Sometimes we need to change the layout a bit in order for the customers to not grow tired of seeing a similar design over and over again. It is a good way to make sure your content gets read. For the testimonials follow the template provided. Include a photo of your previous client, their feedback and title. Be sure to include realistic feedback not only ones that speak highly of you all the time because it can come off as sketchy sometimes. For the services sections follow the provided format as well. Keep it brief but succinct. Mention the most important information, and always include a call to action copy that will increase your conversion chances. Below we included a stripe where you can feature some of your best clients. The next block is dedicated to a ‚ā¨ŇďAbout you‚ā¨¬Ě paragraph. Always keep in mind to not only state dour facts. You need to sell your story, yourself before you can sell your product or services. Wrap it into a story, you are selling experience. Mention your special qualities, work ethic, your attitude toward work, mention what you love, build a rapport with your audience. Make them feel like they know you. In the end, there is another call to action inviting all your visitors to hire you and start using your services.


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