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Web Designer Homepage


This template was built using Elementor Pro plugin for WordPress. The template is envisioned as a personal web designer’s homepage.  The template’s exquisite design and layout was at the forefront of our creative team as the template needs to convey the expertise and creativity of the person whom the template has been built for. This fresh & innovative design should do wonders to attract, retain and convert your future visitors.

The first block starts off with a copy asking a simple question. This alone should cause your visitors to pause and read the rest. However, we went ahead and thought of other stimuli to attract attention, such as the stock photo placement as well as the quick credentials bar just below.

Next, we have a space reserved just for you.  Here you can say a couple of words about yourself, your work and goals. You don’t need to provide a biography here, it’s better to write a lighthearted and eye-catching anecdote about your work.

The following block is all about your portfolio and previous work. Daze the crowd with your amazing work, skills and inexhaustible creativity. Showcase your best products, unique design and ideas.

The following block is a breakdown of your design process. Of course, the current titles and processes are just a placeholder example of how you go about your business, these can always be changed to suit your style and methodology. Come up with the steps that are unique to your design process and briefly explain what that process entails. Don’t forget to mention what benefit or impact each step will have on the end product. This will be important to your potential clients. Accompany each step with an appropriate image. This will help your clients visualize the whole process.

The next block is dedicated to asking what your clients’ needs are. It is essentially a showcase of the services you offer. Create categories dedicated to each of the services you offer and briefly describe each. The call to action button for each of the services should lead to a separate, dedicated page for that service.

The following section strives to answer the question why hire you and not somebody else. Here you need to do your best to drive the point home why you deserve your customers’ time. Don’t just put something every other website already has, try to be unique.

Now we come to the part where you need to say a couple of words about yourself. Keep it short and write a bio that will not be just another dry biography. Stand out from the crowd!

The next section deals with offering some of your other services that are not necessarily part of your web design services but are nonetheless closely connected to the niche.

The last block is a great way to promote your special offers, such as a webinar. This is a space to advertise some projects you are currently working on that can be useful to your visitors. This is a great way to expand your existing niche and gain new audience.

The template ends with the opt-in form for the newsletter.

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