Video Product Launch Single Lesson Page

This Elementor Pro template has been created for a single lesson page as part of your video product launch. It can be used to showcase a variety of products, but in our example, we will be focusing on an online course. The video widget featured prominently in the first section of the template is an example of on such lesson. Just at the right there is a box containing a list of videos, the ones you have already watched, the one you are currently watching and the upcoming videos. It’s a pretty elegant solution to planning what to watch next. The great thing about this template is that it provides the download option of all the essential information mentioned in the video in a document, image or archive formats. This convenient and time-saving feature will help boost the overall user experience of your page. Just below the template includes a Facebook commentary widget. It is one of the simplest ways to engage your audience and get them to talk to each other. It is also a wealth of information as far as feedback is concerned. You get a real-life, undiluted insight into what people think about your product, helping you improve it during next iterations. The upcoming videos block is a simple and easy overview of the videos that follow.   *This template is a part of Video Product Launch funnel/bundle.


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