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This gorgeous Elementor Pro template has been created purposely for a small store website, focusing on your products. It offers a great solution for your business when you want to display your most prominent and top selling products. Starting at the top of the page, in the header you can find all the contact information about your store including the links to your social media channels. The menu bar situated on the right, below the social media buttons will make navigation a breeze for anyone landing on the page. The next two sections women’s fashion and men’s fashion are just placeholder titles. Here you will be able to create broad categories for your products whether you are selling clothes or power tools. Make the best use of these sections by putting your best-selling products on display. For a greater chance of converting your visitors to customers be sure to visibly illustrate your special offers and discounts. There is an opt-in form just above the footer inviting your visitors to leave their email addresses and subscribe to your newsletter. Building email list is considered still one of the most powerful ways to grow our business, so you should pay special attention to whether your visitors’ subscriptions. Try offering exclusive deals and special offers to incentivize your prospects to subscribe. The footer of the template is designed to clearly and simply display the most useful links, navigation options as well as social media buttons. If there’s anything not exactly to your liking about it, you can always optimize it according to your preferences.   *This template is a part of the Small Store funnel/bundle.


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