Orange Urgency Webinar Replay Landing Page

This one is very simple on the first look, but actually a very powerful landing page. So you had a webinar, it’s over now but you still have a recording of it. Well share it with all those people who couldn’t make it to the live webinar and make few more sales. To make it less obvious, the ‘Buy’ button will appear after a certain amount of time below the replay video. It’s best to set it up to appear exactly when you are actually mentioning the product or service you are selling in the video. Keep in the mind though, that the ‘content reveal’ option, used to reveal the buy button after a certain period of time, starts counting time the moment visitor opens the page. To make it appear exactly at the time you are selling in the video, it’s best to set the video to start automatically. But in the end it’s up to you. Above the video there is also a countdown timer telling the viewer that the webinar will be removed after the counter comes to zero, creating a sense of urgency and (hopefully) forcing the viewer to actually watch the video ASAP.


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