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Online Membership Sales Page


If you have a membership website or plan to have in the near future, then this Thrive Architect sales page template is made for you.

With a lot of page sections available you can easily squeeze as much content in there as you want, and if you need more just duplicate the ones we already made for you and you are ready to go.

The first panel is dominated by the YouTube video widget containing presumably and introduction video to the course. Just below is a clearly visible red call to action button inviting the visitors to book their lesson plan.

The following block is an information on whom is this course for and who can benefit the most from taking it. Use the symbols and logos to quickly differentiate the categories of people whom this course is intended for and provide a brief description for each.

The section that follows is designed as a grid of benefits, perks and certification your customers will receive when they become new members or if they book a particular plan. The color logos are her to help visualize those special membership features.

The testimonials block is a ubiquitous part of websites offering services or courses like this one. It is essential to have them. Just make sure to include some constructive feedback from your previous students and not only those that sing praises to your product.

What we have next is another call to action button. A contrast of colors has been used to make it pop out.

Just below we have a standard about us section. This is a great way to convey what your vision and goals are and in which way do you hope to provide the best possible service for your students.

Another call to action has been placed below, but this time with a stylish logo to catch the readers’ attention. A strong title can work wonders in terms of conversion. Make the best use of this opportunity.

Next, we have a section used as an introduction to the coaches in your courses. Be sure to write their names, roles and a short bio. The social media channels are a great way to get to know your coaches in a different setting. This way you can build rapport and trust with your audience.

The section immediately beneath has been envisaged just as a way for one of your authors to say a few words about what they teach and what the students can hope to learn during the course.

Next, we have another call to action, this time differently colored. It is important to pepper these buttons as much as possible throughout the page.

The three blocks that follow try to answer the question why chose your course. This is one of the most crucial parts of your page as you need to present a strong case why should the visitors opt for your service instead of your competition. Use all your persuasion skills and make sure you write a convincing copy. Pay special attention to crafting engaging titles. These can sometimes make or break your whole strategy.

The following two sections are again one for testimonials and the other is a call to action.

Just below these two sections is the get to know us a little more. Here you can state some interesting facts about the course, your company or students. Make it lighthearted but informative. It can contribute to building a great relationship with your future students. This is also a place where you can toot your horn just a bit.

The checklist block has been designed as a list of benefits, perks and advantages your students will be receiving as fully-fledged members of your online course. This is another important section and you would do well to mention some of the special offers, deals and rewards you have in store for your customers.

The last two blocks are again dedicated to testimonials and a call to action.

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