Modern Ebook Sales Page

This template has been created with Elementor Pro, a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress. The intention was to create a template tailor-made for a Ebook. The light-weight design, color palette and layout have been carefully chosen in order to provide the best possible experience for your visitors. Right off the bat the title asks the visitors whether they want to become a digital nomad. Of course, this is a placeholder copy and can be replaced with the product that fits your purposes. But the idea behind this positioning is essential. You are asking the audience the relevant questions they want to hear the answer to and you are providing the answers with your product. There is a call to action button that lets the visitors get your book immediately. The next block is a place to showcase your accolades and praises should you have them. This is always nice to have but it will not hurt your business if you have just started. After all, you have to start somewhere. The following block is an excerpt from the book. This is a great way to feature a juicy part of your book filled with words of wisdom and avant-garde thought. The next block is a segue into what are just some of the things you will learn in the book. Make these some of the most appealing topics and themes from the book as they need to catch the visitors’ attention. The next stripe has been put here for you to display some of the media outlets your book was featured in. Next, we included a video widget where you will be able to upload your own video. The idea was to include a message from the author himself or herself but should you wish to you can always create and upload some other type of content. We imagined this to be a ‚ā¨ŇďWord from the author‚ā¨¬Ě type of content. The following section is another attempt at persuading the visitors down the sales funnel by becoming your customers. This section is dedicated to mentioning all or some of the other topics you didn’t mention among those to which you gave the priority above. These are nonetheless important as much as the ones you already mentioned, it’s just that one cannot overwhelm the reader at once by mentioning all the topics in one place. The template ends with a short copy persuading the visitors to buy the book and provides a means to do so via the call to action button.


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