Modern Ebook Download Page

This Elementor Pro template was created exclusively as a thank you page for an eBook download. The template’s innovative design, small size and responsiveness contributes to a great user experience, one of the most important factors for customer conversion. The first section of the template is a beautiful image of your book set against a blue background, making the product pop out as if it were alive. We then included a red call to action button just as a way to contrast it with the background, so there is no mistake as to where the visitors need to look when downloading the book. Presumably your customers have already read at least something about your book, otherwise they wouldn’t land on this page, however it’s usually best practice to mention again what are some of the benefits of purchasing your product and what can the customers expect to find in your book. Keep it brief and concise, mention only the highlights, the rest they can read in your book anyway. Finally, we included a video widget envisioned as a short thank you video from yourself. This is a great way to build rapport with your audience and make them feel like they can trust you because they know you now a little bit better.


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