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Eventify is a template tailored for conferences and big events, created with Elementor Pro, a page builder plugin for WordPress. The sleek design, responsiveness and fast loading times all contribute to a professional-looking template.

The template opens with a large section displaying information and title of the conference. Next, a call to action button invites all interested visitors to book their reservations. The countdown timer just below is placed here to build a sense of anticipation and urgency. Perhaps you can mention that there are not many tickets left so your visitors should hurry and buy them.

Next, we have a clear white block serving as the about us page where you have ample space to inform your readers what your conference is about exactly, who are the speakers and what can the guests expect to see, hear and learn by attending it. Just below, there is a gallery of photos giving the visitors an idea of what the conference looked like the previous year.

The next block is a call to action inviting visitors to book their tickets again. You can use this space to say a few words on how many experts are attending the conference.

Just below the next section is a list of hosts that will be presenting the conference. Include their profile pictures, titles and short bios, as well as their personal social media channels.

Next, we have two more blocks with call to actions buttons again. In the first you could mention how many speakers there are at your conference in total. In the other block, you could use the space do say a little bit about the location where the conference will be held.

The yellow block at the very end of the template is an opt-in form inviting all interested parties to stay informed about the latest updates concerning the conference. This is a great way to collect relevant emails.

The footer of the page provides your most basic about us info, contact and social media channels.


*This template is a part of Eventify funnel/bundle.


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