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Checklist Download Sales Page


This Elementor Pro template opens with a strong message in the header. The content of the copy is written in such a way to capture the visitors’ attention as soon as they land on the page. A fairly large call to action button is displayed prominently in bright red color for the exact same purpose i.e. to make a quick conversion of your potential customers into proper customers.

The first block is dedicated to a visual breakdown of the service, in this case a course, you are offering. As far as copywriting best practices go, this is the most important piece of content that you need to focus on. It is essentially a roadmap of the educational material that you will be getting into with your potential students. This piece of copy will make or break your potential to convert your visitors you should make sure you devote enough time to think it through.

The following section introduces a quote from students who have finished the course and share their experience about the course. This is a great opportunity to include testimonials of your course.

The next block talks about what your course offers and how will the students benefit from it. This is a space where you need to explain what your course participants will learn. This copy should focus on answering the question why is your course worth their time and money.

The section just below is just another block dedicated to testimonials. It is a nice way to divide the template just as you would in an article by including photos and pictures. It makes the page more dynamic and less stale to readers by breaking the text.

The last block is a closing copy reiterating a couple of features and emphasizing the key takeaways of the course. This is your last chance to persuade all those visitors who are still not sure whether to take part in it.

The header is reserved for a concise and on point message from the person that will be lecturing the class. This is another great opportunity to build trust and connect with your audience by putting a human face on your course.


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