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This Elementor Pro template is the final step of the process when your visitors have already made up their mind and are ready to book your course. The header is an optimal place to put a strong closing message which coupled with the call to action will surely contribute to the greatest possible click-throughs, resulting in a higher number of course participants. The next section is all about what value you are providing your customers with. Bear in mind that this copy is an important one since you are closing a deal and it should be in your best interest to once again recapitulate what will your students learn in the course and how will this content benefit them in their career. You should be writing the copy bearing the following in mind: Why is this course worth their time and money. The following section is an opportunity to include a couple of quotes from students who have finished the course and are sharing their positive experience about the course. This is a great tool to include testimonials. The block in blue with the red call to action button is deliberately designed in such a fashion to break the text and make it easily noticeable. This has been done so as to draw attention to a special discount. This is an effective technique wherein you state the real worth of the course, but then say how much your customers can save if they book their place within a specific timeframe. The section just below is again just another chance to add testimonials from your previous students. Included here is another call to action. The footer of the page is reserved for the money back guarantee which is a proven method of building trust and making your customers feel comfortable should they believe they are not getting their money’s worth with your course.   *This template is a part of the Checklist Download funnel/bundle.


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