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Barber Shop Homepage


This beautiful template is based on the popular Elementor Pro WordPress plugin. As one can deduct from the title, the template has been tailor-made for a barber shop or a hair styling salon.

At the very top of the page, in the header visitors can find the most essential contact information. There is even space to insert a couple of social media buttons should you prefer it. Here at the both sides of a stylish logo, navigation buttons have been placed for ease of use. Easily noticeable navigation is one of the most important best practices of user experience.

Next, we have a large section containing an early call to action set against the backdrop of a relevant and aesthetically pleasing photo slide. Here you are encouraged to place a couple of your professional photos that show your work. For maximum impact make your photos representative of the services you are offering in your shop or salon.

Speaking of services, the next block is dedicated to services you have on offer. Each of the services you list here will have a call to action button inviting the visitors to book their appointment for a particular service. Furthermore, by placing the mouse pointer over an individual service, a photo representing the service in question will help visualize it for a better chance of visitors becoming your customers.

The following two blocks are a just a quick summary on of your business and your profile as a founder of the shop. Be concise and to the point here, without any excessive explanation and going into detail. The visitors can always click on the about us page to learn more about your business. It is advisable that you include a couple of photos here, especially your own as a proprietor of the shop.

The next section is a gallery block. This is a great opportunity to showcase your best work and convert your visitors. If you are able, hire the services of a professional photographer as these photos may as well be the selling point for this particular business. People like to see how you work and can make them build a sense of trust and bond with your business.

The meet our barbers section is an excellent opportunity to build rapport with your customers. Make them feel like they now an individual working at your shop and chances are they will more likely come to you than your competition. Your potential customers will also trust your business more which is one of the most important foundations when building a brand.

The pricing table section informs the visitors about your base prices as well as special offers and packages. Be sure to include some of your most popular services and their prices.

The following section is another call to action inviting your visitors to become your customers by booking an appointment at your shop. This is an elegant way of making reservations making your job easier and a nice way for your customers to feel valued knowing that you will devote all your attention to them at the arranged time.

The last section and the footer of the template is all about staying in touch with your clients. The google maps widget and the social media buttons at the very bottom are there to engage your visitors to find your business on one of your social media channels.


*This template is a part of the Barber Shop funnel/bundle.

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