Avantgarde Opt-in Page

This template has been created using Elementor Pro, a WordPress page builder plug in. It is an opt-in template for your SaaS trial. The template is strewn with red and blue hues just to make it more dynamic and appealing to the eye. Its fast loading times and relatively small size contributes to a great user experience. We included some stock photos and images so as to make the page more eye-catching. The template starts right away with a short incentive to entice the visitors to leave their email with you in exchange for a free trial of your software. Just below the first block, you would do well to mention some of your software’s most important features and benefits. This part is accompanied by an icon of image and the description should be concise and brief, but on point. Now we come to the next block which is basically the meat and potatoes of your pitch. Here you need to give it your best and create a great copy that will sway the visitors down the sales funnel. The video widget we included just under this block should help you present your product in the best way possible. You would do well to create an engaging video. The following block is dedicated to your software’s secondary features that are no less important than your primary ones. Keep it brief and mention only the most relevant info as the chances are that your customers will already be familiar with them. No template dedicated to SaaS would be complete without the testimonials block. It’s always great to showcase your best feedback as it builds trust and credibility, but try to feature a couple of realistic ones as well. The template ends with another opt-in form as another try at getting the visitors to convert.


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