Agency Single Project Page


This Elementor Pro template is part of the Agency templates bundle and focuses on services your company offers. The home page offers a preview of your services and other key stats from your agency but this template displays a more in-depth feature grid of these services. The grid itself is completely customizable so you can tweak the layout according to your preferences.

The what else do we offer and other services widgets are designed in such a way to illustrate a broader overview of what type of services you can provide. Here you can add any other categories that you didn’t include in your initial features grid in the header.

All templates in this bundle include the call to action banner you cannot miss. The bright pink banner aims to catch the attention of new prospects in a way that is engaging and tactful.

The mandatory testimonials widget can be found in the footer. As a company aiming to generate leads and build trust this is a crucial piece of the puzzle and you should always strive to put your best feedback here.


*This template is a part of the Agency funnel/bundle.


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