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Our Favorite Website Builders

Thrive Architect, ClickFunnels and Elementor Pro are the best website and landing page builders in the world. Marketing power tools, crème de la crème of drag and drop page builders. But the big question is – which one is the right one for you?

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Thrive Architect

One of the first WordPress page builders aimed for marketers, made by Thrive Themes. They also have a huge collection of marketing tools that work together.

Elementor Pro

Our favorite WordPres page builder, used by over one million people. Constantly updated, packed with tons of features and powerfull as hell. Highly recommended.


Aimed at serious entrepreneurs who want a hosted website solution, page builder, integrated funnel system, shopping cart, email marketing and much more.

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Social Proof For The Win

These little slide-in elements have turned the whole marketing industry upside-down with their efficiency. There’s just something psychologically powerful about seeing other people join or buy something that you are also interested in.

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Most popular among these three and with good reason. Works flawlesly, has tons of features and is constantly being improved by a great team.


Seems like a great alternative to Proof, and cheaper too, with many customization options. Recommended for those who can't afford Proof.


Provely is relatively new player but it offers great features and one time payment options. Good for those who are starting out and on a budget.

money is in the list

Email Marketing Services

Money is in the list, true story. And how you manage your list and send emails will have a direct impact on your business and overall sales. Today you have a chance to pick between three amazing email marketing services.

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Easy to use, beautifully designed email templates and has just the right amount of automation possibilities so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Pioneers of email marketing. They are affordable to most users, have plenty of options (even marketing automation tools) and are fairly easy to use.

Active Campaign

Most advanced email marketing service, with automations features which no other service can match. Recommended only to advanced users.


Hosting Providers

Proper hosting is the most important thing in your online business. No matter how your website looks, no matter how good your copy is, if your website is slow or doesn’t load, your customers will leave and never return again.

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Environment friendly, GreenGeeks offers amazing hosting service and most importantly - support. Highly recommended to everyone.


Our recommended hosting and the one we use to host The Landing Factory websites. Extremely reliable with great support and fast servers.

A2 Hosting

Next to SiteGround one of the most popular shared hosting companies, highly praised by many users for their speed and customer support.

SEO still works

SEO & Keyword Research

If you own a website then you know how expensive advertising can be. With proper SEO you’ll get a free stream of potential clients to your website, you just need to convert them to buyers. Tools below will help you achieve that.

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A set of amazing SEO tools at a really affordable rate, recommended for all of those who need a complete package of tools at a decent price.


One of the most popular SEO tools for keyword research among bloggers. Very powerful with a guarantee that you will find some profitable long tail keywords.


The ultimate SEO tool, period. If you want the best this is it. It comes at a price but it gives so much data in return that you won't be needing any other tool.

dedicated solutions

Shopping Carts & Affiliate Management

1-click upsells, downsells, affiliate management, beautiful and high converting checkout pages, it’s the last step of your funnel, the one where customers actually pay. These 3 tools below will help you achieve just that. 

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We actually own ThriveCart as it's a one time payment (lifetime access, no limitations) and is being constantly updated with huge set of amazing features.


Maybe the first dedicated shopping cart ever, praised by many, offering a lot of features but also a high monthly price. Still, it might be a good option for some.


New player in town, but getting more and more popular. Basic package is pretty cheap which makes it irresistible for new online entrepreneurs.

words that sell

Copywriting Script Generators

Your website should look great, true, but it’s the content that matters the most. It’s the words that make the largest impact on your customers, make them love or hate for your products and services or convince them to buy.

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Funnel Scripts

This is a product made by ClickFunnels. We use it and what we can confirm - it really is packed with so many scripts and copy hacks that even the most demanding users will find what they need. If you don't have thousands of dollars for a good copywriter this is your best choice. Highly recommended - one time payment.


This is the only good alternative to Funnel Scripts that we could find. Haven't used it but it seems decent, maybe even more user-friendly and aimed at beginners. However, it comes with a high monthly price compared to Funnel Scripts. It may serve you well for a month or two, but if you plan to use it in the long term, think twice before buying.

imagery for everything

Premium and Free Stock Photos & Icons

What makes a good landing page or website stand out is a perfect combination of colors, images and icons. We use only the best photos and icons for our templates and custom designs for our clients. See a part of our arsenal below.

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One of the best premium stock photos websites with highly affordable rates. We use it all the time.


Great hub for free stock photos and vector graphics. Actually not great, it's the best, trust us.


The best place for great and free icons. Easy to change the size and colors of icons before you download them.

Drazen Prastalo, TLF owner

Some of these tools we use daily, others we have experience with. If you are not sure what would be the best choice for your business you can contact us anytime and we'll help you decide. All questions will be answered personally by Drazen.
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